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Industry debut! Wanwei New energy with explosive products, will soon go to Ji 'nan exhibition! And big moves
Time:2021-10-08 Click:256

Self-plastic frame micro-electric high-end brand Wanwei new energy exposure, business in the industry to wanwei new energy attention is increasing. Wanwei as a new brand can cause so much industry heat, itself is the best proof of core strength.

Recently, Lao Yang got the latest news, Wanwei new energy will occupy the core booth to participate in the Jinan exhibition on October 5, the scene not only has the first show of the new industry, but also will release the brand development strategy, is expected to become the best opportunity for dealers to join.

01·To seize the plastic frame micro electricity market, Wanwei new energy to leading technology to empower the market

For many businesses that want to enter the micro-car field of plastic frame, enterprise strength is the key element of cooperation. Wanwei New Energy focuses on independent research and development, focus on original, currently has more than 20 technology patents, regardless of the technical level or process level are leading the industry.

The Ji nan exhibition, Wanwei two "nuclear explosion level" new V6, V8 will also face the industry debut. From the current exposure of information, the two cars are using the latest cutting-edge mold manufacturing process in the industry, the technical level of high-end cars, can be called the model masterpiece of high-end plastic frame microcar. Jinan exhibition field, we can witness the scene on behalf of the current plastic frame category cutting-edge technology level of these two explosive products, absolutely worthwhile trip.

Wanwei New Energy is a professional vehicle design, research and development, production, manufacturing and sales in one of the comprehensive modern enterprises, with two production bases in Taizhou, Henan, can meet the demand of supply of the national market. As the first show of the brand, Wanwei New energy is destined to be staged in Jinan exhibition "blast field" level performance, from products to categories, from technology to quality, from strength to qualification, become the most dazzling star of jinan exhibition.

02·Jinan exhibition will have a heavy action, Wanwei new energy to the highest specifications

According to the internal news, in addition to the explosive products, Wanwei new energy will also have greater policy help, more in-depth system support, better channel support on-site announcement, the three sharp edges will be straight into the terminal, for dealers in the market to cut through obstacles to lay a solid foundation.

In the market planning of Wanwei New Energy, we will help a group of excellent dealers to rise quickly with all-round policy assistance, help merchants to establish channel network, make money at a high speed, and set up the template for the rise of big business.

Bai Chuan hui sea can shake the sky, unity than gold. Into the development of a new era, Wanwei new energy as a model frame micro-car leader, will be in Ji nan exhibition to throw a big, big investment, big action, against the trend, will also become a business will compete for brand. This exhibition in Jinan is bound to become a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for dealers to join Wanwei New energy.