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Plastic frame car super dark horse brand, technology sent wanwei with good products explosion Jinan exhibition
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On October 5th, the much-anticipated Jinan opened! What is the biggest attraction of jinan exhibition this year? Yes, it is the segment of the tuyere on the product category plastic frame car. Which brand is the most noteworthy in Jinan Exhibition? Debut in Ji nan exhibition, plastic frame car super "dark horse brand", master the core technology of plastic frame car wan Wei new energy, must be the most amazing plastic frame car brand.

The magnificent and luxurious exhibition hall has amazed the whole exhibition hall

Insiders know that a brand has no strength, from the style of booth construction and the size of the booth can be seen. From this point of view, Wanwei new energy is the absolute strength of the big brand. Nearly 600 square booth size, enough domineering. The overall yellow, white, gray booth with each other, full sense of design; From the inside out ceiling design, with wanwei new energy brand logo, quite a sense of hierarchy and sense of technology; At the same time, careful Wanwei customized a professional display for each product on display, good products naturally more outstanding.
Throughout the jinan exhibition field, on the one hand, the performance of Wanwei New energy can be said to be amazing throughout the exhibition hall.

Flagship new V6, V7, "C-position" debut only a glance, is the plastic frame car you want

Of course, the most important products to participate in the exhibition, which is also the core competitiveness of a brand in the exhibition can get the attention of businesses. On this one hand, the ten thousand dimensional new energy sources that establish oneself with technology are hard enough. This exhibition in Jinan, Wanwei New Energy 2021 flagship new products V6, V7, "C" debut, blockbuster appearance.

Wanwei New Energy ·V6 (three rounds) has the appearance level, more connotation, not just good-looking

As a model of the current plastic frame car industry fashion trend model. Wanwei V6 vehicle appearance lines simple atmosphere, outline to show the style, every detail highlights the quality of ingenuity; The whole vehicle adopts high rigid frame, which can guarantee no deviation for 100,000 kilometers. Exclusive LED lens headlights, excellent lighting effect, with cool matrix taillights, brilliant, safe and reliable; The newly developed multi-functional liquid crystal instrument is rich in content and clear in display. Electric lifting glass, safe charging port, USB interface, heating and cooling air outlet, the fourth generation of central control lock system, all available, so that the vehicle quality is high-end; Equipped with high-power three-current system, the maximum endurance range can reach 70km, the power is abundant, safe and efficient.

Wanwei V8 (four rounds) : Play fashion and urban pioneer

Compared with wan Wei V6, WAN Wei V8 in the interior, human design has a lot of similarities, the biggest difference lies in the different overall structure. As a fashionable four-wheeler with plastic frame, Wanwei ·V8 adopts a perforated double-girder frame, which is more powerful internally. Unique front face design with LED lens headlights, more dynamic, more domineer; The car space is more comfortable, many people take, spacious and comfortable, especially suitable for urban young white-collar workers, young bao ma daily travel.

Master the core technology of plastic frame car "technical party" Wanwei officially opened the era of national investment

Debut in Ji nan exhibition, in addition to the exhibition of Wan Wei new energy technology and products in the field of plastic frame car, also marked the official opening of wan Wei new energy national investment era, although xiaobian introduced the history of Wan Wei before, here is still to emphasize. Wanwei New Energy headquarters is located in the birthplace of frame plastic car taizhou, Zhejiang, is a professional vehicle design, research and development, production, manufacturing and sales in one of the comprehensive modern enterprises. As a rising star in the field of new energy, Wanwei New Energy has a clear brand development strategy. Brand positioning: "I am technical"; Brand concept: redefine living and traveling life; Brand mission: Use science and technology to change human travel life. It is not difficult to see from these, master the core technology of plastic frame car Wan Wei new energy although still an industry recruit, but has no small "ambition".

What are the technical advantages of Wanwei New Energy? At present, the ten thousand d of new energy has more than 20 patents, exclusive technology, lamps, plastic parts, aluminum wheel, controller, motor, etc. In the top in the industry, and on the powerful research and development innovation of taizhou, ten thousand d will in future plastic box car wheel system, chassis, body, inside and outside decoration, lamps and lanterns, electrical, electronic control to conduct a comprehensive development and innovation, To achieve the absolute leading in the field of plastic frame car technology, with more competitive market good products, to win a larger market space.