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In this Chinese Valentine’s Day, what you have is not only the sweet love, but also…
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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a short step; Not small streams, beyond into rivers and seas ". -- Xun Zi "Persuasion"

In the current era, with the support of mobile Internet, industries, industries and enterprises all need to have explosive thinking. The so-called explosive thinking refers to the ability to grasp the pain points of consumption and make products that make consumers "scream" on the basis of focusing on the target group, so as to achieve super good sales of products. By adopting the explosive thinking, enterprises can create one or several popular products, thus driving the overall sales, promoting the brand, and promoting the development of enterprises.
After several years of development, the plastic frame industry has reached an inflection point in the industry. Is it to continue to innovate and break out a new industrial revolution? Or continue the old status quo and enter a new round of price war?
The core lies in "new power". What is "new power"? Technology, research and development, manufacturing, sincerity, this is the new era under the plastic frame car industry to build new forces of the key words.

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