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Master the core technology | plastic box car industry dark horse ten thousand d flagship product V6 V8 at jinan exhibition
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Absolute focus, October 5-7, Jinan Exhibition Hall 5 (booth ET01). It has more than 20 exclusive technology patents; It, master the core technology of plastic frame car V6 (three wheels), V8 (four wheels) two frames original explosive models, leading the industry; From the city of plastic parts - Zhejiang Taizhou plastic frame car the strongest industry dark horse brand Jinan exhibition, Wanwei new energy, come also!

Im a technologist and a natural originator

More than 20 exclusive technical patents made plastic frame car the strongest industry dark horse

There is no doubt that the plastic frame car has become the current product segment market new wind mouth, the growing market demand has attracted the layout of various brands including two, three, caravan, four wheels. As a new entrant, where is the core competitiveness of Wanwei New energy? The "natural advantage" of leading exclusive technology is the core competitiveness of Wanwei New Energy.

Taizhou, as the hometown of Plastic parts in China and the birthplace of plastic frame car, has a profound manufacturing heritage in terms of technological accumulation and product innovation of plastic frame car. Wanwei New Energy, adhering to the brand concept of "redefine living and travel life", relying on strong research and development and innovation strength, achieve wanwei products from the wheel system, chassis, body, internal and external ornaments, lamps, electrical, electronic control, all supporting original

Core technology development.

At present, Wanwei New Energy has more than 20 exclusive technology patents, among which, lamps, plastic parts, aluminum wheel, controller, motor, etc., walk in the forefront of the industry. These become the basis for wanwei new energy to achieve product innovation, differentiation and uniqueness, and wanwei can become the strongest dark horse in the plastic frame car industry.

Use leading technology to make product concept landing

How strong are two exclusive original products of Wan Wei?

Of course, technological leadership is ultimately reflected in product innovation. Only when "concept + technology" is perfectly presented can there be good products leading the industry. It is understood that the Jinan exhibition, carrying wanweis exclusive technology of two flagship new V6 (three wheels), V8 (four wheels) will debut, for the industry to bring a plastic frame car technology and product gluttony feast.

Vvi ·

V6 (three rounds) has the appearance level, more content, more than just good looks

As a model of the current plastic frame car industry fashion trend model. Wanwei V6 vehicle appearance lines simple atmosphere, outline to show the style, every detail highlights the quality of ingenuity; The whole vehicle adopts high rigid frame, which can guarantee no deviation for 100,000 kilometers. Exclusive LED lens headlights, excellent lighting effect, with cool matrix taillights, brilliant, safe and reliable; The newly developed multi-functional liquid crystal instrument is rich in content and clear in display. Electric lifting glass, safe charging port, USB interface, heating and cooling air outlet, the fourth generation of central control lock system, all available, so that the vehicle quality is high-end; Equipped with high-power three-current system, the maximum endurance range can reach 70km, the power is abundant, safe and efficient.

Wanwei V8 (four rounds) : Play fashion and urban pioneer
Compared with wan Wei V6, WAN Wei V8 in the interior, human design has a lot of similarities, the biggest difference lies in the different overall structure. As a fashionable four-wheeler with plastic frame, Wanwei ·V8 adopts a perforated double-girder frame, which is more powerful internally. Unique front face design with LED lens headlights, more dynamic, more domineer; The car space is more comfortable, many people take, spacious and comfortable, especially suitable for urban young white-collar workers, young bao ma daily travel.

October 5-7, Jinan Exhibition Hall 5 (ET01 booth) Wanwei new energy brand debut will be grand
How are you, are you shocked by the brand new products of Wanwei New Energy? Do you want to know more about the details of MULTIDIMENSIONAL V6 (three rounds), V8 (four rounds)?

Nows your chance. From October 5th to 7th, Wanwei New Energy will make its first appearance in Jinan Exhibition Hall 5 (ET01 booth), comprehensively displaying wanwei brand image and product strength, and bringing you more advanced technology concept of plastic frame car.

Plastic frame car new air port, the product is king. Like Wanwei new energy has the technology of high-quality scarce brand, dealer friends grab is to earn.
October 5-7, Hall 5 (ET01 booth), Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center (West Hall), Wanwei New Energy, be there for you!