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Technicians build good cars! Plastic frame car the most lethal explosion to taste, cause agent upsurge
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Technology sent Wanwei, set up high-end plastic frame car benchmarking! "Original", "high-end", "technology", "patent", "intelligent" are the brand impression that Wanwei new energy brings to the industry. As a leader in the field of new energy, Wanwei proves to the outside world with practical action: making cars, we are the technical group!

01·Technology sends wanwei to build good cars

Throughout the 2021 micro electric car field, a market, and potential category is plastic frame car, industry insiders are expected to plastic frame car overall market space can reach more than 400,000 +, huge market potential. Wanwei new energy, as a plastic frame micro electric "technology" outstanding representative, with the current domestic leading vehicle RESEARCH and development center, manufacturing center, at the same time has the appearance, new utility and other 25 patents, in the face of the vigorous development of plastic frame car, Wanwei has the leading edge.

Recently, Wanwei New Energy launched a series of V6, V8 two independent research and development models, once again staged the "just launched, has exploded" strength. New models in terms of exterior interior design, vehicle configuration, manufacturing process, dynamic performance and body adjustment, all show the super first-class hardware foundation of Wanwei New Energy and the competitiveness of independently developed products.

02·Patented original design of plastic frame car the most lethal "explosive"

Under the background of the hot plastic box, ten thousand d V6 and V8 two independent research and development models should be potential, specifically designed to meet the user consumption upgrade and creating high quality, high level of appearance, strong performance plastic box model, the terminals competitiveness and sales are critical grade of other, more dealers incoming plastic box "nuggets" open the right way!

From the design, to the selection of materials, wanwei V6, V8 new plastic frame car are using a humanized technology and intelligence, and the "rational minimalist aesthetics" and "practical intelligent technology" two for one, more in line with the aesthetic and needs of young people. Body adopts high-tech materials, so that the product has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, long life, longer endurance, superior quality.

Wanwei V6 and V8 achieve core advantages such as lightweight, safety, high reliability and intelligence, and are superior to products of the same level in design and manufacturing.

At the same time, high-end first-class seats, car class stereo leather, car class two-component paint and one-button start, voice control and other intelligent functions, the technical level of high-end cars, set up a new benchmark of high-end plastic frame car manufacturing.

In view of the product homogenization phenomenon in the current market, Wanwei New Energy adhere to independent research and development, focus on original, with more than 20 technical patents, including lamps, plastic parts, aluminum wheel, controller, motor and other accessories are leading the industry regardless of technical level or technological level.

From research and development innovation to high-end quality, Wanwei New energy will be fine, fine, strong, to the users thinking, do consumer needs, dealers have sales, profit good car.

03·Enabling terminal to expand and strengthen the market lock victory

The booming development of plastic frame car trend approaching, and the "potential energy" of wanwei new energy has also been fully done, superposition, accumulation, not only has a large number of research advanced sophisticated technology as a support, Wanwei also has taizhou, Henan two major production base, integration of advanced technology, mature supporting, strong resources and other advantages, In the technology research and development investment, intelligent product safety, original model design, quality system consolidation and other aspects to show the strength of the battle.

Excellent product strength and top technical strength, has let Wanwei New energy with high sales attribute, all-round, great strength of policy support, but also to help dealers through the market "director", to achieve a high penetration rate of products in the market, Wanwei new energy not only let dealers make money, but also lasting money.

Focusing on technology and research and development, Wanwei New energy has become a rare "technical group" among the new forces of car manufacturing. It makes solid products, stronger channels and bigger brands with forward-looking strategies and practical routes. Choose Wanwei new energy = choose trend = choose wealth!