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In this Chinese Valentine’s Day, what you have is not only the sweet love, but also…>>2021-08-14

In the current era, with the support of the mobile Internet, all industries and enterprises need to have explosive thinking. The so-called explosive thinking refers to the ability to grasp the pain points of consumption and make products that make consumers scream on the basis of focusing on the target group, so as to obtain super good sales of products

Plastic frame car super dark horse brand, technology sent wanwei with good products explosion Jinan exhibition>>2021-10-08

On October 5th, the much-anticipated Jinan opened! What is the biggest attraction of jinan exhibition this year? Yes, it is the segment of the tuyere on the product category plastic frame car. Which brand is the most noteworthy in Jinan Exhibition? Debut jinan exhibition, plastic frame car super "dark horse brand"...

Master the core technology | plastic box car industry dark horse ten thousand d flagship product V6 V8 at jinan exhibition>>2021-10-08

Absolutely focus on October 5-7, Jinan exhibition hall 5 (booth ET01). It has more than 20 exclusive technical patents. It has mastered the core technology of plastic frame car, V6 (three wheels), V8 (four wheels), two frame original and popular models, leading the industry

Technicians build good cars! Plastic frame car the most lethal explosion to taste, cause agent upsurge>>2021-10-08

Technology sent Wanwei, set up high-end plastic frame car benchmarking! Original high-end technology patent intelligence is the brand impression that Wanwei new energy brings to the industry. As a leader in the field of new energy, Wanwei proves to the outside world with practical action: making cars, we are technical

Industry debut! Wanwei New energy with explosive products, will soon go to Ji 'nan exhibition! And big moves>>2021-10-08

Self-plastic frame micro-electric high-end brand Wanwei new energy exposure, business in the industry to wanwei new energy attention is increasing. Wanwei as a new brand can cause so much industry heat, itself is the best proof of core strength.